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Nature’s Green





NextGen Living Walls

NextGen Living Walls are the perfect eye-cather to create a healthy, exceptional and relaxing atmosphere. 

  • For outdoor and indoor use.
  • Easy to install.
  • The easiest to plant and change.
  • Works with hydro or soil plants in their original grow pots.
  • The easiest to maintain.
  • 4 week watering cycle.
  • Available as Room Divider, double- or single-sided.
  • Immediately a wow-effect!
  • Many options and tools available as: light systems, irrigation, calculator and the design tool.

NextGen Living Walls Room Divider

to divide spaces or decorate a wall.  

  • For indoor use.
  • Easy to install.
  • The easiest to plant and change.
  • Works with hydro or soil plants in their original grow pots.
  • The easiest to maintain.
  • 4 week watering cycle.
  • Available as double- or single-sided.
  • Massive green impact! 


is a unique concept to bring the nature into your living room or workplace.

  • For indoor use.
  • Easy to install.
  • An infinite number of design possibilities.
  • Many natural materials available.
  • No maintenance or water required.
  • Very efficient acoustic modulator.
  • Available as Room Divider, double- or single-sided.


Flexicart 64l

29.50 Euros inc.VAT

Available from stock

Colours: red, green, yellow, black

original one piece structure- ergonomic design wheeled basket

Durability budget saver

Sales increase profit maker

Comfort customer satisfaction


  • Extraordinary durability
  • No broken handle maintenance
  • Convenient to RECYCLE


  • Sales increase up to 40% compared
    to standard models of wheeled
    baskets (60% compared to the hand


  • Comfortable collecting from the
  • Access to the lower goods even
    when full
  • Comfortable goods unloading at the
  • Compatible with the lift for baskets


  • Optimal weight distribution
  • Capacity expansion beyond the
    edges of the basket


  • Easy to keep clean


  • Maintenance facility
    NO DIRT stacking and blocking the


  • More comfort


  • Easy to clean-up
    NO dirt stacking


  • Space saver


  • Convenient to be recycled – recover
    95 % of plastic









Recent projects

We just finished few more projects:


Berryalloc vinyl planks installed by de Valier in Malta University

We just finished few more projects:


Berryalloc vinyl planks installed by de Valier for Artigli 
Women’s Clothing Store. Colour use 109S, underlay red flooring.

New project for Domain Academy. Berryalloc vinyl flooring done by de Valier with red underlay and Berryalloc vinyl planks Lime oak 974D and Berryalloc vinyl tiles colour Zinc 373D

Installed for Kwiff
Berryalloc planks colour Toulon oak 619L, underlay red floor

Nergeco Entrematic high performance high-speed flexible doors

Rapid doors installed by de Valier in Water Services, We are using only latest technology, reliable suppliers and ECO friendly products and materials for our projects


Nergeco Entrematic high performance high-speed flexible doors

By increasing thermal insulation and improving the flow of goods in perfect safety, for both vehicles and individuals, while fully integrating into the constraints specific to each business, Nergeco Entrematic high performance fast acting doors have become the most reliable and safest technological standard.

Efficiency and safety rooted in day-to-day reality
With no rigid ballast bar, no rigid transverse detection component and no curtain captive in its slides, the flexible closing edge of Nergeco Entrematic automatic fast acting doors is free in its slides, can distort both vertically and horizontally, and is directly responsive over the last 40 cm. If touched while a vehicle is passing through, it moves with the vehicle horizontally without the least resistance; it directly registers this abnormal distortion and immediately retracts by itself above the obstacle (international patent). It reinserts itself in its slides at the next cycle without any action needing to be taken if dislodged by a vehicle.
On each access, the door opens at the last moment without posing a risk if touched, then closes again at the same speed – twice as fast as standard doors – without endangering users, vehicles or packages. Accidents and production stoppages are reduced, but by minimising the time it is open, it also reduces energy consumption and the risks of air exchanges. This is the Nergeco Intelligent Curtain (international patents).
A recent study by the CETIAT laboratory showed that Nergeco high performance high-speed flexible doors fitted with the Intelligent Curtain, by opening just in time and closing twice as fast as traditional doors, can reduce exposure and energy consumption by 23 to 32% on each cycle [Study modelling the reduction in exposure over one cycle by a Nergeco high-performance door (opening just in time at 1 m/s, with fast closure at 1 m/s), relative to another high-speed door (fast opening, 2 m/s, slow closing at 0.5 m/s for regulatory safety reasons)].

Discover all the surprising advantages of click vinyl planks

Click together a beautiful floor with a warm wood look or classy tile look in no time. Need more convincing? 


Fast & simple installation


Click and match


Comfort & warm touch


No subfloor preparation


Super ssssssilent floor


100% recyclable


Super light planks


Easy to clean


XXL sizes

Get Inspired by Vinyl Flooring

From grandmother’s favourite to modern all-rounder

Vinyl floors have evolved from an old fashioned flooring material to a trendy one with countless design possibilities and an attractive price tag.

Given its many advantages, it is no surprise that vinyl has become an immensely popular flooring material. With vinyl you can get natural wood or stone floorings, without the downsides.

The waterproof quality of vinyl combined with an extreme durability and low maintenance make it the ideal flooring solution for both residential and commercial use. People choosing vinyl do not need to compromise in terms of durability or design options.

Whether you’re looking for a floor in your bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, hallway or lobby, vinyl is always the best choice if you love great designs that last a lifetime.

Choose your favourite BerryAlloc® vinyl designs from  extensive collections available for a click or a glue-down installation.


Types of chairs

Office chairs are divided into several types: Executive, operative and visitors. Executive chair should be not only functional, but also comfortable, as it emphasises the status of executive person and of course must be of high quality, so it is better to choose models made of expensive materials. Leather is used as the material for upholstery for executive chair. It is must be environmentally friendly, breathable and keep the body temperature. The Executive chair should be a high ergonomics. It should have a five-beam support with wheels and armrests. Also, the chair should be equipped with mechanisms for adjusting the height and angle of the back and have a headrest.This is a text block

Operative chairs should be of high quality, practical and comfortable, so that you can work tirelessly for a long time. The chair for workers must be height adjustable so that it can be adjusted to fit any person’s height and height of the desktop.
Visitors Chairs must be comfortable and of high quality. They should not have complicated construction, simple but have an attractive design.

visitors chairs de valier malta


The design of a high-quality office chair must have a five-beam support on well-rotating wheels. The chair should have comfortable armrests. Lack of armrests can lead to fatigue and loss of efficiency.

The office chair should have conveniently positioned adjustment mechanisms so that you can change the backrest angle, seat height, or armrest position with one hand, without getting up from the chair. It is good if the seat height adjuster is equipped with a shock absorber to soften the load and smoothness of the function.

The armrest adjuster helps reduce muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders, thereby achieving a comfortable arm position. The armrests can be adjusted in height and angle. Adjustment mechanisms should be smooth. 

The design of high-quality office chair should be in the form of a frame with a roller under the lumbar deflection. This design gives the anatomical back of the chair. The lower edge of the seat should be rounded so as not to clamp the vessels in the legs. A thick layer of foam on the edges of the seat is used for optimal fixation of the body.


When choosing an office chair, pay attention to the angle of inclination between the back and the seat. It should be a little more than 90 degrees, allowing the lumbar spine to relax while reclining.

The back of the chair should be anatomically shaped, that is, follow the contours of your body and back in particular. The back of the chair should be adjusted to the angle of inclination, so that during off-hours you can lean back and relax your body.

Seat Seat office chair can be  hard, semi-soft and soft. Hard are e made of plactic, wood or metal. Semi-soft seats have an average thickness of the surface. Soft seats have a greater thickness of the surface and equipped with springs. The surface of the seat should be more smooth than embossed. The shape of the seat should be rounded. Seat upholstery can be waterproof, breathable and environmentally friendly.


The armrests need to relieve the pressure to the shoulders, neck and spine. In addition, they provide a comfortable position of the hands and relieve fatigue from them. Also, the hands are not on weight, which provides additional comfort.


One of the main mechanisms of an office chair is the height adjustment of the seat and the backrest tilt, which allow you to maintain the correct posture and balance of the body. Modern models of office chairs are equipped with a synchromechanism that allows you to simultaneously change the angle of the backrest and seat.

Another useful function of the chair is the swing mechanism, which allows you to sway slightly in the chair, without the risk of breaking it. This is achieved through an automatically selected coefficient of elasticity, which takes into account the weight of the person in the chair. The axis of swing is slightly displaced forward relative to the centre of the chair, so that the knees of a person do not rise when rocking.


The comfort of an office chair or chair is achieved not so much by any mechanisms, as due to the presence of a convenient design and support of the spine. So, the armrests are responsible for reducing fatigue of the shoulder girdle, neck and back.


High-quality office chair should be made from environmentally friendly hygienic materials. Genuine leather or high-quality synthetic materials are used as upholstery, which allow the skin to breathe and maintain a constant body temperature. It is also possible to use leatherette and plastic on the lower and rear surfaces of the chair.

Find the ideal flooring for your business

Floors play a crucial role in reflecting the company image and values as they must impress visitors from the moment they walk in. For office environments especially, creative designs can project a sense of space and professionalism and even inspire productive environments.

BerryAlloc® floor coverings can be used for a wide range of application areas – from hotels, shops, showrooms and offices to public spaces and retirement homes. No matter where you choose to install them, they all have one thing in common; in order to maintain their beauty, they offer the best quality in terms of durability.

Why you’ll love BerryAlloc® floors in your office, restaurant or shop


BerryAlloc® offers the toughest high pressure laminate on the market. Unequalled in their solid strength, these floors tolerate high traffic, impacts of various kinds and heavy loads. The ALULOC locking system that is attached to the boards of our Grand Avenue collection can even tolerate loads up to 1200 kg/ linear metre!

Super Fast Installation

In business, time is money. Thanks to the revolutionary DreamClick locking system, any PURE Click floor can be installed quickly and easily, resulting in lower installation costs and less downtime for your business. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Anti-Static & Pro Comfort

In this day and age, with electronic equipment everywhere, anti-static floors are a must. BerryAlloc® anti-static floors instantly absorb the static charge preventing any interference. Moreover, this feature makes the floor easier to clean as it repels dust and dirt. A valuable, stay-clean feature, for home or the office.

SALE Mannequins

Finishing works in BOV Head Office in Santa Venera

APS continuity- just finished platform

12m clear span fire proof platform