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Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is a porous material that traps the air, making it one of the best insulating materials. The porous and elastic structure of the wool also absorbs noise. Mineral wool is incombustible and does not fuel fire or propagate flames.

Stone wool pack

ISOVER stone wool is made from volcanic rock – a natural material present in large quantities throughout the earth. It combines mechanical resistance with good thermal performance, fire safety and high temperature suitability.

Rocks are graded and crushed, mixed with coke and slags, then melted in a furnace at a temperature of 1500 °C.
The melt is directed onto rotating wheels where it is spun into wool. Small quantities of resin binder are added to lock the fibres together. The wool is formed into a mat which is cured and compressed in an oven. Then it is cut and possibly covered with facing materials.

Designed for the residential and non-residential building markets, both new and renovation, and technical markets, including climatic engineering, industry, shipbuilding and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Isover UNI

isover uni technical specification

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Stone wool
λ = 0,035

Isover UNI boards are suitable for unloaded insulations of the peripheral walls (ventilated facades under the cladding with insulation inserted into cassettes or frames), insulation of pitched roofs, ceilings, suspended ceilings, and other light sandwich constructions.

The material is suitable for fire protection structures where a density ≥ 40kg.m-3 is required.

■ fire-resistant ■ very good thermal insulation performance ■ excellent acoustic properties in terms of noise absorption ■ low vapour resistance – good water vapour penetrability ■ environmentally friendly and hygienic ■ completely hydrophobic ■ long life span ■ resistant to wood-destroying pests, rodents, and insect ■ easy workability – can be cut, drilled into, etc. ■ dimensional stability during temperature change

Isover PAR 4+

Glass wool thermal insulation felt

Par4 technical specification

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Roll made by using water repellent glasswool 4+. Made  with at least 80% of recycled glass and with an exclusive, patented binder, that ensures maximum indoor air quality. The slab is faced on one side with a glass veil.

Isover glass mineral wool is very easy to fit. It’s flexible and friction fitted and holds in place between timber/metal frames/rafters without the need for additional fixings. This is unlike rigid boards which are solid, need to be cut to size and do not hold in place between timber/metal frames/rafters. All Isover packaging now includes a set of text and icons to represent important handling and health and safety information. These icons follow latest EURIMA (European Mineral Wool Manufacturers Association) guidelines and have been developed to ensure that health and safety information is shown in a consistent, common format to all insulation users.


Isover Mupan 4+

technical specification Mupan 4+

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Slab made by using water repellent glasswool 4+. Made in Italy with at least 80% of recycled glass and with an exclusive,
patented binder, that ensures maximum indoor air quality. It is available in two versions:
· Mupan K 4+: faced on one side with bituminous kraft paper
· Mupan 4+: faced on one side with a glass veil
Thermal and acoustic insulation in cavity walls.
For a proper installation of Mupan K 4+, it’s necessary to install the slabs with the side faced with kraft paper towards the
heated room.
 Thermal and acoustic insulation
 Excellent fire reaction
 Easy transportation
 Easy workability
 Mechanical stability