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Floors play a crucial role in reflecting the company image and values as they must impress visitors from the moment they walk in. For office environments especially, creative designs can project a sense of space and professionalism and even inspire productive environments.

BerryAlloc® floor coverings can be used for a wide range of application areas – from hotels, shops, showrooms and offices to public spaces and retirement homes. No matter where you choose to install them, they all have one thing in common; in order to maintain their beauty, they offer the best quality in terms of durability.

Why you’ll love BerryAlloc® floors in your office, restaurant or shop


BerryAlloc® offers the toughest high pressure laminate on the market. Unequalled in their solid strength, these floors tolerate high traffic, impacts of various kinds and heavy loads. The ALULOC locking system that is attached to the boards of our Grand Avenue collection can even tolerate loads up to 1200 kg/ linear metre!

Super Fast Installation

In business, time is money. Thanks to the revolutionary DreamClick locking system, any PURE Click floor can be installed quickly and easily, resulting in lower installation costs and less downtime for your business. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Anti-Static & Pro Comfort

In this day and age, with electronic equipment everywhere, anti-static floors are a must. BerryAlloc® anti-static floors instantly absorb the static charge preventing any interference. Moreover, this feature makes the floor easier to clean as it repels dust and dirt. A valuable, stay-clean feature, for home or the office.

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