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Fantoni-Woods catalog(PDF 6.42Mb)

Created for the contract market, the Woods collection offers great comfort and aesthetic quality. Wood, the ultimate natural material, bursts into the Fantoni office world.

Woods is a complete series of tables, created following reflection on new ways of working and on how the workplace is changing. It offers a range of modules, from the “focus” station to a shared one, and from meeting areas to collaboration spaces.


Executive Office System

Fantoni-Multipliceo catalog


Leather. The warmth of leather, in classic, natural or modern shades. The striking look of the 7 cm tops, with 45° edge. Two unmistakable stylistic features, in a unique combination of good looks and functionality. Cabinets, in black and white, complement the range with the same edge.

Veneer. The warmth and natural beauty of wood envelop the Multipliceo desks to create new sensory emotions and aesthetic values, while maintaining all the simplicity and versatility of this range. Light Oak or Walnut veneer completely covers the 5 cm thick tops, giving a perfect hand-crafted finish.


Operative office system

Fantoni-Meta Catalog


The office has evolved. Over the past twenty years, the world has changed completely, but Mèta continues to offer a special way of looking at office furniture. Guided by the lodestars of ergonomics, essentially and movement, with a design that transcends time and a colour range that is now more cutting edge than ever.


Operative office system

Quaranta5 catalog


Absolute modular The Quaranta5 series is developed following the principles of modular design, which are expressed not only in the dimensions of the desks, storage units and drawer units, but also in the shapes of the various elements. The storage units created using the “folding” technique offer perfect volumes, without any visible joins. Quaranta5 can be arranged to provide multiple workstations for two or four people. The different sizes of the desks – 75, 120 or 150 cm deep, and 150, 180, 200, 240 or 300 cm long – ensure that the ideal solution can be found for any space and purpose, offering everyone the right level of comfort and practicality, as well as privacy, thanks to the optional wooden or perspex divider screens.

Sistema 28

Operative office system


Fantoni-Sistema28 catalog

Versatile and intelligent. System 28 beautifully blends technology, ergonomics and aesthetics. Power and data cables are easily accessible and manageable, thanks to the roomy cable run with double flap access and push-pull opening system.

Framework 2.0

Operative office system

Framework low


Personal lockers for documents and mail, dynamic storage units to be carried to and from your desk, bookcases that provide a meeting spot, single or double work stations. An innovative concept to offer every member of your work team the right balance between privacy and sociability, dynamism and comfort.


Operative office system

HUB catalog

Working with your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. Today our way of working has changed completely. We are faster, more efficient, more flexible. We have learnt to live with a nomadic approach, shedding our expectations of a daily routine that is becoming ever more fluid. It is therefore no surprise that the demands regarding our working spaces should change too, becoming more flexible, hybrid, ready to change and adapt to different functions, numbers of people, or roles.
Hub is an office system created for this contemporary world. It is a landscape that is ready to change, simple to understand and use, and easy to make your own, because it is designed to be customized day by day, recognizing our need to personalize the spaces that we occupy for many hours a day. The boundaries between design work and management work are growing ever slimmer, as are all our hierarchies and roles.

Meeting points


Fantoni presents a complete collection of meeting tables, with a fixed top or in a modular format to create your own compositions and meet the widest possible range of needs: from small to large meeting rooms. Table tops can be faced or veneered in dark or light Oak, red or sepia Cherry or natural Birch. They are supported by an essential column on a disc-shaped base, both in steel.