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Ecopolimertrasforms industrial scraps pre-consumer in precious raw materials to create new products. We can help the environment avoiding the destruction and disposal of still useful materials.

Catalogue Floorings and Protections(PDF 19.2 Mb)

The Production

We can produce agglomerates on specific customer require in different densities, mechanic and elastic characteristics and, in some case, colours.


We can supply blocks, sheets and rolls in any thickness and shaped particulars. They can be self-adhesive on single or both sides, matched one each other or with other materials, such as textile, plasterboard, wood, metal plates, artificial grass.

Acoustic and Anti-Vibration

Our agglomerates take advantage of their characteristics to offer a wide range of products for soundproofing:

– sound absorption capacity to absorbe noise and prevent reverberation. You can find this characteristic in light and soft materials as polyurethane and low density rubber foams

– soundproofing is the capacity to limit the passage of the noise through a parting. This characteristic is tipical of material with high mass as high density rubbers and plasterboard

– elasticity gives the capacity to dampen vibrations avoiding they spread to other structures. This characteristic is typical of rubber granules and some medium density foam rubbers

  • Buildings -Sound Absorption
  • Buildings -New walls
  • Buildings -Existing Walls
  • Buildings – Screeds
  • Buildings -Flooring
  • Buildings -Roofs
  • Industry
  • Anti-Vibrations

Rubber Floorings

– for playgrounds with certification UNI EN 1177

– for urban and garden furniture

– for shooting ranges 

Safety Floorings for Playgrounds in compliance with UNI EN 1177

Safety floorings allow to protect children from falls from slides, swings, climbing games, castles.

We’re producing this products since 2001. Our tiles are characterized by:

– softness: a soft layer produced with foam rubber allows a better protection than classic rubber tiles with same thickness. This means less weight and  a reduction of costs of transport and laying

– upper layer in EPDM rubber: we use the same granules of tennis courts and athletic tracks. This rubber has an excellent resistance of colour over the years, reduces smell in summer months, higher elasticity and a better resistance to wear.

Flooring for urban and garden furniture

Rubber floorings are useful in many situations as courtyards, play areas, terraces, poolsides, walking areas of schools, hospitals, elderly homes, golf courses. Their main characteristics are:

  • anti-slip
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • absorb injuries from fall
  • light weight on roofs
  • protection of the waterproofing on flat roofs and terraces
  • thermal insulation of last floor
  • soft walking

Flooring for Shooting Ranges

Since 2002 we produce ECO-BANG, a safety flooring for shooting ranges projected to avoid dangerous rebounds of bullets on floor and walls.

Tested by Banco Nazionale di Prova di Gardone Valtrompia with many different bullets, for short and long weapons. Shoot safely in you shooting range!


Artificial Grass

Floorings with artificial grass for playgrounds

Artificial grass is the ideal solution to cover all the playing areas for children in playgrounds, courtyards and terraces.

Practicality, pleasing aesthetic effect and easy maintenance in only one product.

We match artificial grass to our soft underlayers to protect children from injuries of falls in playgrounds or to give a soft walking effect.

Rubber Safety Guards

For sport facilities and gyms

Safety guards for walls, pillars and columns in sport facilities and gyms

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We produce a complete range of safety guards for walls, columns, pillars, tubes, both for outdoor sports and indoor gyms, even in fire reaction class 1. All the guards are certified by Labosport, a recognized international laboratory



Sport elastic substrates

Our agglomerates of foam polyurethane, foam rubber or granulated rubber are specially designed to provide highly elastic mats and are suitable for creating substrates for synthetic grass surfaces and wooden or resin flooring gyms