Brugnotto Shop Interiors Enjoy presents new and innovative modular

lines suitable for the food and eno-gastronomic world. A wide

range of new and standard items with a new look and combined with the high technology of the company Moving Glass, leader Italian manufacturer in the refrigeration and our Partner in this new food project.



(Design catalog)

Counters have smooth clean lines. Bottles and glassware are accessible and easily stored behind the counters on adjustable wall mounted shelves. Complementary cabinets offer a more storage solution


(Classic catalog)

Counter wood finish and cabinets with decorative frames. Modular metal shelving system that can be equipped with shelves and bread baskets. Storage cupboards and cabinets.


(Industrial catalog)

Panels in a wide range of finishes together with multiple metal finishing like corten, bronzed, burnished, silver, row iron can be used on counters, sideboards, fridge units, shelving systems and…


(Barocco catalog)

Panels covered with synthetic leathers, embellished from decorative frames and moldings; mirror finish panels with aluminum uprights; fit out in elegant shapes with a strong character.